Marriage Planning Guide

The Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC) takes pride in presenting this Marriage Planning Guide to you. Our center is here to respond to the needs of Air Force families and is a focal point for family matters. Download the full MARRIAGE PLanning Guide.

As the divorce rate continues to rise in all sectors of the population, adequate preparation for marriage remains a vital issue. Our goal is to empower you to successfully make the transition from being single and minimize the challenges of getting married in the military. This guide identifies information and resources you will need before and after marriage.

The A&FRC has a team of professional staff and volunteers who are ready to help you and your family. Come in and get to know us! Additional information on some of our key services and programs is listed below:

  • Information & Referral: The A&FRC’s core function is linking individuals and families with the right resources to meet their specific Community and base resource guides are available with telephone numbers, addresses and specific information on services.
  • Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP): This program offers information, education and personal counseling on financial matters such as budgeting, debt liquidation, credit management, mutual funds, car buying, investing. These services are available either by individual/couple appointments or through workshops.
  • Air Force Aid Society (AFAS): A non-profit organization that exists primarily to provide emergency financial assistance to active duty and retired military. Assistance is provided in the form of interest-free loans and/or grants. The AFAS also offers numerous community programs enhancing the quality of life of Air Force Families.
  • Employment Assistance Program: Military spouses can learn the skills and techniques required for successful job searching. Assistance includes individual counseling, employment workshops, employer information, resume writing assistance, certified typing test, etc. There is also comprehensive resource area with on-line computer access, job listings, and reference materials. Employment services are offered to ALL job seekers.
  • Relocation Assistance Program (RAP): This program helps single and married Air Force members and their families prepare and adjust before, during, and after the relocation. Services include such things as computer-based relocation files on Air Force installations, a loan locker of household goods, etc.
  • Personal & Work Life (P&WL): Assessment/crisis assessment for individuals and couples. The P&WL Program offers a fun and informative program, Heart Link, which gives spouses a better understanding of the Air Force and its services.
  • Transition Assistance Program (TAP): Ensures separating or retiring members and their families are aware of the entitled services and benefits. This program also provides transition counseling, career planning, development of job search skills, resume writing, interview skills, and access to employment information, to name a few.
  • Family Readiness Program: Enhances readiness through planning. This program provides support throughout the stages of deployment (i.e., before, during, and after deployment). A readiness handout, briefings, a child care program, and morale call guidance.
  • Key Spouse Program: Ensures the needs of the families are being met especially during a time of family separation (deployments and TDY’s).
For more information on these programs or to make an appointment call: (229) 257-3333

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